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Hairstyles for beachy vacation?

im going to arizona/california for two weeks this summer and i really dont want to have to straighten my hair everyyy day. my hairs is a litttttle bit wavy natural but it doesn't look good at all if i just leave it...what are some cute hairstyles i can use for vacation instead of straghtening it? i'd put it in a pony tail but i have to straighten my hair when i put it in a pony tail too because it looks dumb if its not. i have shoulder length hair and its brown highlighted blonde.

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    put it in braids after u shower then the next morning put some anti frizz stuff in it and clip one side to the side with 2 bronze bobby pins.. with the bobby pins wavy side showing..

    straighten it and put it back into a messy pontail and then take a piece of hair in ur ponytail adn wrap it around your hairband tht is hold your hair up, and then pin the hair piece underneath your ponytail.. to go for extra cute maybe put a flower clip not on top of your pony tail but put it to the side a little and have it facing that side

    put it back into a half ponytail and then straighten all of your hair except for the ponytail part.. curl JUST the ponytail part, in one twirly curl and then put a bow in it

    hope i helped

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    randomly braid small sections of your hair and let the rest flow free. or, a low, loose messy bun with hairs falling around your face will look amaaaaazzzzing

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    A french braid or a headband.

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