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Thumbs up or thumps down: Obama/Rice 2008?



thumps=thumbs sorry

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    Thumbs way up.

    I like both of them pretty well.

    It would be a totally new look to the whitehouse.

    Plus I wish Condi would run. She would definitely have my vote.

    I like Obama just cuz he's not Hillary.

    You get a star too.

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    Thumbs Up

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    More like Rice / Obama but even this match up is not

    good, neither have the experience to be President but

    Rice is more qualified and Obama loses out because

    he voted for the immigration bill.

    Rice / Coulter would be a great match-up

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    Here's the deal: Obama has managed to weasel his way into the Presidential race because he appeals to liberals due to his own race and his last name. Liberals think they are "sticking" it to Bush and conservatives by supporting him. Rice, well, I just don't know. I understand your thinking on this, but Rice is so far removed from Obama, I just don't think this would ever happen. Even if Rice herself were to run, I wouldn't necessarily support her. It's an interesting mix, but I don't think it would fly. Thumbs down, BUT, it is an interesting idea.

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    Rice was the National Security Adviser when Tenant briefed Bush on Iraq pre-war.

    She should have stopped the Iraq invasion because she was the senior intelligence specialist in the administration. She is the one that should have recognized the problems in the intelligence data.

    Bush gets the blame for starting a needless war but Rice should never be trusted with any prominent position again because of her dereliction of duty as NSA.

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    Up except for Rice. Did you see or read about her "briefing" with Teodoro Obiag, president of the tiny, oil rich nation of Equatorial Guinea? Ya know he has been one of those "ruthless evil dictators" reigning torture and terror over his country for 20 yrs. There radio broadcasts that he has "permanent contact with the Almighty" and has the right to "kill anyone without being called into account." And what was Rice's greeting to this "monster"? "Thank you very much for your presence here,"..."You are a good friend, and we welcome you." He seemed very uneasy clenching his suit and smiling nervously. Rice is a republican, this is what they do. They help those who dont need any help.

    Source(s): article, broadcast, etc. and the little voice in my head...
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    Thumbs down, Obama supported the amnesty bill, I won't vote for anyone who did.

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    Thumbs twisted. What next? Buchanon/Sharpton?

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    I would vote for Rice/Obama, but not Obama/Rice. This is because I am a Republican.

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    But Rice / Obama sounds good.

    Put the one with the knowledge and credentials at the top of the ticket.

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