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Please give me 5 reasons why Cena is the Champ, and Why Cena sucks??

thank you

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    Cena's the champ because he can draw a crowd. people pay to see him in the ring. wether they want to cheer for him or boo him, they just want to see him. he has the star power to make people pay for their tickets, to make people order pay-per-view. he has the power to make you care about him, and that is why you posted the question. otherwise you wouldn't give a rat's behind about him. he sux because he can't wrestle and he is a eminem-wanna-be. people like shawn michaels should get a chance to wear the belt for one more time before they retire........

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    Why he's the champ

    1. Cause he defeated JBL for it at wrestlemania 21

    2.Cause people think he's hot

    3.Cuz he's so dang popular

    4.So the WWE can put better superstars to defeat him

    5.He is the only superstar that can rap

    Why he sucks:

    1. He got the lamest finisher ever!

    2.He defeated Shawn Michaels!

    3.He defeated all the good superstars!

    4.He is always main eventing.....we need someone else to be wwe champ

    5.He sucks @ss!!!!!!!!!

    Source(s): Don't be dumb........Join PAC NOW! (people against cena)
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    I can only give you one reason for each.

    He is champ because its in the script.

    He sucks because he pretends to be an athlete while real athletes compete and work hard for there goals.

    Wrestlers dont.

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    5 reasons why he is champ:

    1. bestfriends with vince mcmahon

    2. bestfriends with vince mcmahon

    3. bestfriends with vince mcmahon

    4. bestfriends with vince mcmahon

    5. bestfriends with vince mcmahon

    5 reasons why he sucks:

    1. no good wrestling moves

    2. stupid gimmick

    3. wannabe of hulk hogan

    4. his finisher sucks

    5. bestfriends with vince mcmahon/been champ for WAY too long and always "overcomes the odds"

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    Why he is champ:

    -Good moves.

    -The quickness.

    -Gives a lot of heavy punches.

    -Good grapples.

    -The FU.

    Why he sucks:

    -He thinks he is a gangstrer.

    -He thinks he is 50 cent.

    -He has that title too much.

    -He has a has a big forehead.

    -He rap battle against a fan.....

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    i think it is unfair because john cena is really a gorrilla, and they are stronger than humans, so of course hes the champ.

  • Anonymous
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    i got ya 5 reasons

    The C-O-C-K story

    He liks to suck cock

    He liks hairy cock

    He liks old cock

    He dont care the size of his cock

    And just so happens hes able to get a hold of vinces cock

    there ya go lol

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    1. He is VKMs personal cumdumpster

    2. He is VKMs personal cumdumpster

    3. He is VKMs personal cumdumpster

    4. He is VKMs personal cumdumpster

    AND all important reason number 5!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    He is VKMs personal cumdumpster

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    Because he has proven to be the best


    Because that whole "you can't see me" thing is really stupid

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    i got 5 reasons for you.

    pie, pie, pie, pie and....uh.......PIE!!!!


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