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Why can't any Christians explain, in 3 questions aggregated, why the deity Jesus did not eliminate cancer?

I've received different reasons from Christians in three different phrasings of the question.

"You can't prove he didn't eliminate cancer".

Uh, yes I can, as people still get cancer in today's society.

"Eve's sin brought evil into the world and so we have cancer" (Pandora, anyone?)

Immediately: "Anyone who tells you Adam and Eve caused cancer doesn't know the Bible".

I realize there are a ton of denominations, but you should at least solidify how evil came to exist, that would be helpful in the brainwashing process.

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    Some christians also said that cancer did not exist back then.

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    Cancer was not miraculously taken away from the world but Jesus can heal it... Just ask... It does have something to do with living in a fallen world that we can get any illness... but reasons for each specific person falling ill could be many different reasons...

    Their is no brainwashing if Christians wre brainwashed they would know these answers this just shows that we are not brainwashed we all come from different walks of life...

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    Cancer, suffering strife and all the other things fools see as terrible in life are gifts from God to help you find your salvation. This has been Christian theology in the ancient church for nearly 2000 years. But since it doesn't say so in the Bible all the new found sola scriptura Christan sects don't have a clue and the atheists and pagans never had a clue.

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    When JESUS was here, HE did not come to change the physical dynamics of this world, HE came to save the world from sin. That was HIS primary purpose. While HE was here, HE healed and offered comfort to those who had none. Even though these people were healed, they eventually died. Why are you so hung up on cancer? We all know it's a nasty disease.

    GOD bless

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    We as Christians cannot answer for what God does or does not do.. OUR Sin has brought these things into our world forever and always... God can and does HEAL Cancer.... and along with cancer, we have aids, headaches, tonsilitus, tooth aches, and all kinds of other problems and diseases. One day we will know, but when that day happens, and we are taken to Heaven, those who believe and receive Christ as their Savior... will not care to know why anymore... God does not put anymore on us than He thinks we can handle. Read the Bible... King James Version...

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    Wow! you fairly examine and ask questions and attempt to parent it out? best for you. yet, I vaguely bear in mind a number of your questions and that i think of you have a tendency to bash a time or 2, yet so do I. i don't think of I fairly have ever stated you yet i could have thumbed you some circumstances. i'm unhappy to think of no person has advised you of Jesus and sin ahead of now and you are able to desire to do all of the leg paintings your self. in case you have been in Oklahoma i could purchase you a cup of espresso and hear some hundred of your questions. this is that in case you are able to settle for that i'm top and properly you recognize... Did you go with for 6000 inquiries to mirror the belief-approximately a youthful Earth? Do you rather examine and seek? have you ever discovered who Jesus is and that there is probable advantage to the thoughts? I guess you discovered all of us could burn in Hell and get the sweetness of our lives on judgment day.

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    I think you already know the answer to this, don't you really? Sin came into the world when Adam and Eve disobeyed God in the garden of eden. Jesus did not come to eliminate suffering on earth. He came to preach the good news; that He can save the lost. Yes, He healed people, because He is compassionate. More importantly, He wanted us to know that one day all things will be put right....but the only ones who will see it are those who repent of their sins and believe in the Son of God.

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    Honestly, I think, Dunkey (Shrek was funny) that God never promises that we will be disease and sin free in this life in the Bible.

    God can heal. He still does heal. But those days of healing to authenticate Jesus Christ's Messiahship are obviously over. No more signs and wonders to "prove" anything. People are saved by hearing the Gospel of Jesus Christ now.

    God can heal miraculously, no doubt. But he can also heal through medicine and in smaller ways, our natural immune system.

    Why SHOULD God eliminate cancer? Would you believe in Him then?

    E-mail me if you have any other questions. I'm happy to do my best to respond.

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    I could probably answer this for you, but it would take much more time and space than this forum allows. I am not trying to put you off or act arrogant but don't lump all Christians into one group by saying that no one can explain it. If you are really serious about your questions, there are people out there that can answer them for you, just keep looking and keep asking, you'll find them.

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    Why limit your question to cancer? Why not include all diseases and sins? We cannot explain it because we are not Him. God has a time and a purpose for everything and we don't know all things, or we would be God.

    Why ask questions that don't have answers and then get mad when no one answers them to your satisfaction. It proves nothing.

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    I am sorry that you are so blind and your heart is so hard. Sin is a general term. It means to go against the will of God. To break His laws. To miss the mark. When some one sins it is like dropping a rock in a clam pool. The ripples go out effecting everything. Adam was perfect until he sinned. We are just copies of a copy of a copy. Take a copy machine. Make a copy of a picture. Take the copy and copy it and repeat this 100 times. By the end You will not be able to tell what the copy was. This is what is happening to us humans.

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