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Do I need to upgrade my BIOS?

I have never updated or upgraded by BIOS before, but some say that I should. I searched up the company of my BIOS which is Award Software International, Inc. I couldn't find any updates or upgrades, and to be honest, I have no idea how to go about. I really don't want to screw up my computer and have to take it to get repaired.

I play a video game, and it was recommended that I enter some Advanced BIOS settings in my BIOS to change the AGP settings of my video card for better performance. After entering my BIOS no such settings existed. My motherboard is fairly new, and supports AGP 8X, so I can't see why I wouldn't have these options unless my BIOS is too old.

Can anyone help me out? I want to get to AGP settings overall, but if updating my BIOS is the only way to do so, then how would I go about it?


ahahaha, I chose computers and internet and it ended up in health care, oops.

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    If you have never done an bios update...

    You will need to.

    Just take your time and research and read. Then just follow the instruction.

    If you still don't feel comfortable with doing this. Then call your PC support or go on line and chat with there support techs.

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    If you decide to update your BIOS, be extremely careful. You may leave a chip on the motherboard in such a state that you either have to replace it or replace your mom board.

    Flashing the BIOS can be quite simple and straight-forward or a little tricky. I had to flash one totally by beep code guidance.

    I've done quite a few, but only of one manufacturer, and I had to go their website to download the flash BIOS executable. Either do that or find out who your BIOS manufacturer is and go there.

    They all do things a little differently, but most are like I said pretty straight forward. It'll walk you through the process. Also try to make sure as much as possible that the computer can't lose power like someone tripping over the power cord or something. Acts of God you can't really do anything about. Good luck.

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