How to fix the 'temp.exe error'?

"Temp.exe encountered a problem and needs to close sorry for the inconvenience."

This error message keeps popping out for no reason and it's getting annoying when I've done a lot of scanning and searching and fixing, this 'error' just can't be 'fixed'.

I also heard that it is a potential virus, so I'm worried that this might have caused my previous hard drive to crash because it has the same problem as this one too.

So I was hoping that is there any way to actually 'fix' this 'error', if not at least tell me what caused this 'error' to occur?

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  • 1 decade ago
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    Do a disk check, that should fix all errors you find. Go to My computer, right click on the main hard drive and click Properties. Go to tools, then click on the disk check button. when it finishes, all errors on the drive should be fixed. if you have a lot of stuff, it may take a while. You may also want to make sure you're up to date with all of your AV stuff. if you don't have one, get one. Just google Anti-Virus and find one you like.

  • 1 decade ago

    I don't know of any legitimate program that would call itself temp.exe. A good programmer would not do this. find this file and delete it. Update your antivirus and scan your drive ASAP.

  • 1 decade ago

    Download and run Stinger.exe from McAfee at:

    It's free and doesn't install anything on your PC. It only scans for certain (newer?) viruses. Runs quickly and you can continue to use your PC while it runs. Always download the newest version, as it updates often. Good luck...

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