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Why did u pick ur religion?

For what reasons did you choose to be the religion you are? Do you agree with everything it says? How do you view other religions?


what if you were not raised with a religion? How did you find what you believe today?

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    I didn't pick my religion, it picked me. He picked me. I had a spiritual experience in 2003 after years of being atheist, agnostic, and then a believer in a power greater than myself since 1991. I believe everything Jesus said and that the Bible is the inerrant word of God. Religion and various denominations confuse matters; they place more emphasis on dogmatic points. So straight Christianity from God himself, yes, I believe everything it says. I had my path that led me to where I am today, and everyone is entitled to theirs. That's how I view other religions. My hope is that they will eventually find the truth. But I also understand that not everyone will be saved. Many will not be. But maybe their lives will be a testimony to others of what life without Christ is like. Other religions have very good points, I'm not knocking that, but they are not of God. Judaism is, but they just don't see that Jesus is the messiah they're still waiting for.

    I am surprised to see the people here that assume we got our religion from our parents! Couldn't be farther from the truth for me and most everyone I know! Mom is an atheist and Dad is an "occasional" Christian. Bro is into lots of stuff mixed together.

    Psalm 40:10

    I do not hide your righteousness in my heart; I speak of your faithfulness and salvation. I do not conceal your love and your truth from the great assembly.

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    In the beginning religions are not chosen. When children are born they take on their parents religion. Unfortunately there are religions that are not favorable. After a child is preached a certain religion for so long their life takes on those values. These children represent what they have learned in church. This is who they are and why they are who they are. Once a child has become a adult they have the choice of what religion they choose but by that time their religion is so ingrained in them that they cannot change. They may not believe in what their church teaches them but would be completely lost without those values. At other times it is not looked upon as a good thing by a persons parents when a child decides to change to another religion. This is inconceivable when it comes to certain parents. Alot of religions believe that if someone isn't a christen which means they believe their lord and savor died for their sins and rose again that these people will go to hell. I feel that people have the right to believe what they believe.

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    Not against religion in moderation if it's a faith or spirituality. I am not particularly religious and lean towards Christianity but am really quite secular and liberal. I believe in 'live-and-let-live'. This is why I am not bothered by gays or women working different jobs, single mothers, people living together, that sort of thing. It comes with the freedom and openness of the Western lifestyle.

    As much as I agree with language rights for minorities and a certain amount of multiculturalism, one of the challenges for Westerners will be how to achieve peaceful coexistence and prosperity with immigrants who do not respect the way Western life is. I say this because the West accepts refugees and sometimes some immigrants and refugees have an anger to them and resent the larger culture. I think it is better to turn down these people as many countries around the world do not accept refugees or immigrants. The amnesty was a choice, one I agree with, but nobody said immigration will be massive and go on and on. It is also wrong to undo the larger culture. Some groups do not just want bilingual education and a community center. They want mass immigration of only their own ethnic group.

    Right now on television something about the Sikh separatist group in Canada and protest. I am not against them having some of their faith and speaking their language and celebrating some holidays down at their cultural center, but why do they wear turbans and force women to walk behind? Why do people bring their nationalist goals, politics and religious extremism here? Not them, specifically, but it is true.

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    I "picked" my religion, more so it happened upon me and I only agreed with it, because it perfectly suits my views on divinity, afterlife, daily life, morals/values, and also because it gives me a sense of pride and heritage regarding my family and ethnic background.

    I do agree with everything it says.

    I view other religions in a certain manner. First off, monotheisms are false religions, as is the attributation of a man being/becoming a god. All polytheisms are merely a different take and viewpoint on the Gods I worship within their own cultural sphere of influence.

    Essentially the viewpoint is that only my Gods exist and all other Gods (save monotheist ones) are merely how my Gods revealed Themselves to that specific culture.

    I deny monotheisms because it is illogical for a universe to be created by many Gods and still be the same universe that is created by a single God by Him/Her/It-self.

    Source(s): Religio Romana and my viewpoints
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    I didn't pick a religion. I'm an atheist because I don't believe in God. I view most religions as dangerous.

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    I was born to Christian parents, and practiced the teaching for a long time, Later found that religion is like a organization which has it's own rules, say for instance, catholics have many other rules besides Bible and Christ's teaching, Like confessing your sins to a priest. Like each religion has it's own rules, why do you need rules and regulations to LOVE!!! LOVE is my religion! It has all the freedom and GOD simply loves it.

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    since i was four, i went to sunday school, learned about God, and was a Christian. then my brother almost died. he was in a coma for five days, and i had no idea what to do. nobody knew what to say. i had nowhere to turn, except to this ghostly being in heaven i had heard about since birth. so i did. my brother lived, i learned, and for the past three years i have been doing whatever i can to learn about Christianity.

    i agree with what God says. i choose not to get caught up in petty little things like if women can wear pants or hats. i do not agree with denominations in general. people should not separate from the body of Christ just because of little things, like the way we do communion. i choose to do what i believe God has asked me to do. i come up with the answers through Scripture and prayer.

    i find other religions fascinating. i believe that you can't hold non-Christians to Christian standards, for they do not know. many people never learn about Christianity because it isn't taught in schools, and churches don't give sermons on the basics every week. i find them a challenge, and not just to prove them wrong (because as a 15 year old, newly reborn Christian, i don't have that ability) but to convict myself. cause myself to question, and strengthen my faith.

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    I have been born and raised in it, and have gone to church all my life. I have prayed about it, and I know it to be true. Yes, I agree with everything it teaches, for I know it to be true. I view other religions neutrally and treat all people equal, regardless or their beliefs.

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    I feel right with it, and i dont with all the other religions i've tried.

    I dont agree with everything, but most of it

    I think other religions are fine, they teach people to be good human beings.

    Source(s): catholic
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    *Is Jewish*

    a) I was BORN Jewish but do not want to convert because i figure since all other major religions are based of Judaism so it must be close to whatever the real "religion"/story is

    b) i view other religions equally. Unless you strap bombs to little kids and tell them to kill others for your god.

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