my mom need a cheap but good car.?

Can someone sell me or tell me where their is a ceap but good car

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    1 decade ago
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    If you are interested in buying a car, but feel as though you simply do not have the money, a government car auction might be the best opportunity for you.

    There are there kinds of car auctions:

    Dealer only auctions --- only licensed dealers are allowed to buy or sell cars,You can not get in or bid without being a licensed car dealer or an employee.

    Public auctions --- the public is allowed in.In fact,you usually cant by anything from public 'open' auctions because usually the pricing is too high.

    Government and Police auctions --- Every day, the government confiscates, seizes and repossesses thousands of Vehicles.These vehicles are usually typically listed at 90% OFF their original value and auctions usually start at $100.

    Four months ago,I bouht a near new SUV from online government auction.It only cost me $730 and i have not had one problem with it yet .

    You can check out ,That site lists top 5 Police auction sites and help you choose the best one.

    Good luck!

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    eBay! eBay will allow your mom to search the listings by price, location, etc. I purchased a Toyota 4runner several years ago from eBay and it's been the best vehicle I've ever owned.

    If you'd like additional auto auction and cheap car resources, check out the link below.

    Best Wishes,


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    1 decade ago

    where do u live? if u live in az, you can go to CardnialeWay Mazda in Supersition Springs! The cars are awsome, cheap & they have a lot of used & new cars too! Ask for Edwin!

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    1 decade ago


    You can get really good cheap cars from auctions , you will find thousands of different auction and repo cars of all kinds of models really cheap at

    Hope this helps

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