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what is a fair price to pay by sq.ft.to tearoff roof and decking and replace?

1594 sq.ft. tearoff redeck and shingel

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    im a roofer , i charge $20 per sheet to tear off ,and replace .

    the shigles i charge three times what they cost to re shingle

    get a fixed priced, i would suggest $3200

    get a contract i n writeing ,and get a work guartee at least on year

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    I am a little confused, but will try to help Usually a tear off of old shingles 2 layers is about $80 per sq. which includes hauling away old shingles. You have 25 squares. = $2,000. Now depending on several areas such as roof pitch,valleys,hips, ridge. ridge vent. you can get a new roof installed including felt,roof edge,shingles (standard not dimensional) for around $120 - $140 per sq. (100sq ft.)= 25sq x $140 = $3500. * Note this is for walkable roof pitch which is up to 8/12, anything over that add $60 per sq. or in your case $1500. If you want dimensional shingles add $ 50 per square or $1250. Guttering and downspouts installed run about $3.50 - $4.00 per lineal foot. Remember to include downspouts in your lineal foot calculations. So based on an educated guess Roofing $ 7,000 - $8,000 average price Guttering/ Downspouts $ 1,200 I would say you will be paying too much with the price you have. Get 2 more prices and compare all the details-ask questions,get certificate of insurance from all -this shows they are covered by insurance. Ask neighbors or stop by a house where a roof was just put on and ask how they liked the contractor and the roof. Just because keystone has their own inspector and a so-called 25 warranty. If something is going to go wrong with a roofjob it will show up in the first 5 yrs. Do some homework - save some money.

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    USA You are probably looking at $3 to $4 per square foot, depending on where you live.

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    I recommend getting three estimates for comparison.

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