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What is your opinion on the Baha'i faith and Baha'i followers in America?

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    Well , im a Baha'i and i think its a very peaceful religion and i think that the Baha'i followers in America have a great purpose to fill.

    If you need information bout the Baha'i faith , just click the official website:

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    Hello, David:

    Last year my wife and I read some books on the Baha'i faith, and we were impressed, but concerned.

    Impressed by the words of love topped with honey that is so deceptive.

    Concerned because Jesus says many false prophets and saviors will come, deceiving the very elect if it were possible. And yes, there will be supernatural manifestations, too. Thus, millions are led into error.

    The error that concerns me most is that they expect our earth to enjoy peace and safety when Jesus says there will be none, but men's hearts failing them for fear--a time of trouble such as there never was since there was a nation.

    Most other religions, even Islam, also expect a time of peace as a Messiah reigns. But they will fall for Satan's grand finale because he must come first before Christ's rescue mission as the "elements melt with fervent heat."

    There is a Bible code that tells who the major offender will be as well as identifying the timing of the grand conflict. And it proves Jesus is the Messiah, not a prophet of the Baha'i faith. Read it at

    Blessings, Balaam

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    I don't mean to be unkind, but this is the kitchen sink of faiths. It includes just about everything, hoping to offend no one, and ultimate standing for nothing.

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