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Mimi asked in PetsDogs · 1 decade ago

puppy crate question?

our puppy just started sleeping in her crate.. but she gets so restless in it.. she scratches at her blankets and walks in circles and cries...

im scared she is gonna get herself all worked up and have a heart attack or something!

what can i do to help?

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    1 decade ago
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    You shouldnt leave her in there for long periods of time, if you need to leave her alone for a while (5-7 hours or so) i would keep her in a small room with a tile floor, make sure the room is "puppy safe" meaning there should be no:

    -electrical cords laying on the floor or in reach of the puppy.

    -no carpet, if she has a acident in the house...its easy to wipe up in the tile floor but it stains carpet! make sure if she does go in teh house, that you DO NOT scold her and take her out to "potty" as soon as you get home and praise her. clean up the mess and spray it with stuff that makes it so that the puppy can not smell it, if i does it will keep going in that spot again!!

    -no human food acess, meaning if its your kitchen she'll be in, cabanets/pantry doors are CLOSED ALL THE WAY!

    -no plants, if they decide to eat them, some plants are poisoness (sp?) to dogs.

    but make sure the puppy has fresh water avalible ALL DAY EVERYDAY!! dont leave food out though, because if the puppy eats it you will not be there to take her out when it comes out the other end.

    If that does not work, i would SERIOUSLY consider taking her to a vet. it could be a bad case of seperation anxiety. Work with the puppy to resolve this problem. she depends on you for everything!!

    good luck!! i hope it turns out well for you and your puppy.

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    do you/have you ever use(d) one? ***Yes did you uncover it mighty? ***Yes what did it aid you and your dog with? (dozing, potty coaching, now not consuming the apartment at the same time your away and many others) ***All the ones matters how historic used to be your doggy earlier than you stopped utilizing it, if ever? ***Started while I got the doggy, maintains thus far. how did you get your doggy to love being in there? ***Put him in there on day one. Ignore the bitching and whining. Make definite to get them external sufficient they do not potty within the crate. This NOT, "Set it and overlook it." ***Let this be the puppy's "reliable location." They are denning animals and can take to a crate certainly. Do NOT use it as a punishment location. They will study that they are able to use it for quiet leisure and get away from strain from "external." My one puppy took to the crate at the method house from the breeder. I stopped for a potty holiday and forgetting it wasn't expert, set the doggy down at the back of the van and pointed and mentioned "crate up" and he wandered on in and lied down, then I discovered he had by no means noticeable a crate earlier than. He took to it like a croc to water. He now is going in there on his possess while he wishes a snooze. whatever else you'll feel of that maybe handy??

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    You could try to give her a Kong toy with treats (or my puppy loves peanut butter) stuffed in it while she's in there or anythings she really likes while in the crate so she starts to view the crate as a good place where she gets good treats. the Kong will also keep her busy for awhile. Nylabones also keep my puppy occupied for awhile in her crate.

    Its also good to make sure she has had enough activity and exercise before she goes in there so she's tired. I don't know if you have the crate in your bedroom or not but if not it may help to move it in there while she gets used to it as well.

    She should calm down though. My puppy cried the first few nights but now she's calm and even goes in there on her own for naps.

    Source(s): experience, dog trainer, and my vet
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    dogs are den animals, and they have an internal "need" to be a part of the pack. So, to help you out: make sure that at night the crate is in your room where you sleep(if not, she'll feel kicked out of the "pack", will cry all night), and make sure the crate is only big enough for her to stand up and turn around. anything bigger will give her room to poop and pee in one end and sleep in the other.(i noticed you stated she walks in circles). It sounds to me though that just keeping her crate close by will help elliminate all the anxiety.

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    she'll be fine..shes just getting used to it..let her be for a little bit..don't baby her..make sure the crate is big enough for her to stand up in, walk around in a little bit..the scratching and circling is just trying to find a comfy place to lay..just ignore the cries..she won't work herself up that much..if she is over 12 weeks you could try something like benadryl to help her sleep or a calming aid from a pet store. benadryl is 1 per 25 lbs..if she is under that just split in half..it will help relax her..just be relaxed yourself..if you freak out she will too..make sure she gets some play time in or a good walk before bed time..that might help calm her down too..good luck

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    Having a crate is a great idea for your pet, it creates your pets own place (that you should be able to enter). She is probably just being a lonley pup waking up in the middle of the night. Ignore her, she'll stop. If you go to her or let her out (not as in out to go potty) she may think you are condoning this behavior and will do it more often.

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    first thing make SURE she has gone to the bathroom and don't feed her to close to "bedtime", dogs have a natural instinct to not stink up their own home so if she has to go she would get very nervous and upset

    otherwise she might just have to "get used to it", does she have a favorite toy?

    hope this helps

    Source(s): pet store manager, no specialty in dogs but I know a bit...
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    Take her out of the crate. I have never used them and never will. Hope this helps!! DOGS RULE!!!

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    1 decade ago

    shes fine she is testing you don't react trust me i Had to create train all of are dogs that is about a good 10 dog right there

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    1 decade ago

    Put a t-shirt, or some other pc. of clothing that you wore in with her.

    The scent will reassure her.

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