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Does it really hurt?

to get you ears peirced? all my friends have theirs peirced and i still am too scared to get them done. i have benn mad at my mom for not getting them peirced whith my sister when i was a little baby becasue if it does hurt then i will endoure the pain and get over it becasue i was a baby but no it didnt happen that way........ so really does it hurt

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    No it dosen't really hurt , the only time it hurts is when it gets infected and that's about it. Good Luck !!!

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    Its just a pinch, its not that bad at all. Before you can even say "ow that hurt!", the pain is already starting to go away. Have you ever had blood taken before? or gotten a shot? It feels kind of like that. It hurts less than a tetnis shot, and im sure youve had one of if you had one of those, and your still living, i'll bet you'll survive the ear piercing. Good luck hun! :)

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    Ear piercing doesn't hurt at all. You feel a littlle pinch and it stings just a little, but it goes away quickly. The only time it hurts after is if you don't clean it properaly and it gets infected.

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    Not a bit. It is just a pinch and you are done. Plus make sure you clean it because if it gets affected you might have a bump on your ear for life. Don't let that scare you, you just need to be on your cleaning job.

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    Not really. Well to me when I got my second hole in my ears it felt like a slight pinch on the ear and didn't even feel anything sharp and it was done in 4 seconds.

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    the lobes of ya ears are nothing at all mit stings like for 1sec then thats it the top of ya ear hurts. ive got ma ears done twice n top twice n ma belly done n i cant stand pain im a wimp i cry when i hurt ma self never mind getting metal pu through me so if i can have all them done u can

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    it honestly doesn't hurt! u feel a pinch 4 a second & then it's gone! it's taking care of them after ur done that u have 2 worry about or they'll get infected! i just got my 2nd holes when i was 16! i promise it feels like some1 w/ long nails just kinda pinched ur earlobe!

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    no. well, at least for me, I have about 7 piercings and the lobes hurt the least... It'll be quick before you know it. Don't get scared to do it! You won't regret getting your ears pierced either, so just get it done!~

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    not really, okay just listen to what ther person who peirces ur ears. it doesn't hurt that bad at all. its not pain that lasts long, but hey everyone's different. good luck!!

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    Stings a little when they first punch the earring through, and stings for a bit after but its not terrible at all.

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