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How do i do 'smokey eyes' for eye shadowing?

i have some blue, black pink and brown. I love them and have only done smokey eyes once, and a professional did it! HELP!! I want to get this down right before my hubby comes home from iraq. thanks


I would really like a link with pictures, what it is 'suppose to ' look like. thanks

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    Check out this link. It is a short video on how to create smoky eyes. I found it really helpful.

    Good luck!

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    Wow...a lot of people need help getting smokey eyes, huh (even I did!).

    For my senior prom I used this method (before that I didn't know how)...

    Since you already have pink and black...

    Things you'll need:

    1. Black eyeliner (waterproof is better - Clarins)

    2. Lightest eyeshadow (silver or silvery pink)

    3. Medium eyeshadow (gray)

    4. Dark eyeshadow (black)

    5. Mascara (Clinique high definition lashes...half of it is a comb!)

    1. Line top and bottom of the eye w/ eyeliner.

    2. Put the pink or silver color nearest to your eyelashes.

    3. Put the gray color on your crease (the majority of it).

    4. Put the black shadow in the corner of your eye. Blend towards the center of your eye.

    5. Apply one light coat of mascara w/ the non-comb side.

    6. Wait a while (you can put on blush during this time), then put another coat of mascara with the comb so that it doesn't get clumpy.

    Hope that helps!

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    apply foundation on ur face including ue eyes. smudge black eye pencil on the lower part of the lid. this will hold the dark shadow in place

    apply the black shadow on top of it and add shimmer onto it or sparkly grey to give it a shine. put a lighter shadow in the middle and shiny under the brow line. apply liquid liner and mascara.

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    check the links below for beauty tips to:-- * How to get Smokey Eyes

    Makeup Tips

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