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Potential Secrets...?

I have to think of my deepest darkest secret, and i am having a problem thinking of it...

Does anyone have any examples....???

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    My deepest darkest secret is that I don't like myself. Nobody around me would believe it, I am very good at playing the confident role. But on the inside I personal think I'm a stupid, worthless, insignificant piece of ****.

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    If you can't think of one, then maybe you don't HAVE a deepest, darkest secret lol...mine is kind of a story...

    I was camping with my family when I was 15, in our RV on a lake in WI. I met this super hot guy at the pool, and we talked and decided to meet that night at the lake just "to talk and stuff". After my family went to bed around midnight, I went out and met him down at the lake. We talked, and hung out for a while, went skinny dipping, made out for the longest time, and ended up getting pretty drunk. We didn't have sex, but everything else possible happened ;) Idk if this is really a secret persay, but I've only told one other person about it and I refuse to tell anyone else...I pretend it never happened. I was an idiot to trust him...It was just a 'thing', and nothing bad happened, but if he wasnt a good guy, something certainly could have. Needless to say, my dad would have killed me if he found out, so i guess that is my biggest secret.

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    What is your worst memory from childhood?

    Did you ever have any traumatic experiences , physical, mental, spiritual,sexual or otherwise which still affect you today?

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