computer assistance required?

currently i'm using firefox and enjoy it more than explorer for various reasons, currently i do this after close out firefox.

clear browsing history

download history

saved form and search history



saved passwords

authenticated sessions

i do fully understand .exe, i currenly run ad-aware and zone alarm to, at least in a way that helps maintain my pc to help avoid spyware and viruses, but my question is though, how much does it really help though, are there others way stuff could be implanted on my pc without my knowledge, i'm not talking about opening email from unknown users, or someone coming to my house and planting one, i know various websites can probably do without your knowledge, or websites that look like a similiar one but aren't, so how else can i found out besides downloading 4 or more antivirus software and spyware or using different format styles like a .xls / .doc, etc, any information would be useful

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  • 1 decade ago
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    Sounds like you do what you should with Firefox and with a firewall and for spyware. However, you really should have an anti-virus program, too.

    Common sense in using safe(r) surfing and email habits, a good firewall, a good anti-virus, and some decent spyware protection -- as long as you also download and install security patches and updates from Microsoft -- is about as good as you can get.

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    The best form of protection you can have is a good, effective, updated antivirus running on your machine. You generally only get a virus from a website 1) if it is a porn site or other other questionable such site or 2) a file-sharing site or other such site where you download files and programs to your computer. If you download from the internet, do not open or execute the file before scanning it with your antivirus software. File-sharing programs such as Limewire contain many viruses disguised and labeled as genuine files or programs. Many viruses do not do what they are designed to do without first opening or executing them. Hope that helps.

  • 1 decade ago

    A little paranoia kickin' in?! Be careful not to run too many different security apps -they'll use up all your resources tracking each other! I use McAfee and Microsoft's free downloads (Defender, Malicious Software Remover, etc.). The router offers some protection, and:

    I don't download 'free' software.

    I don't run free Registry Cleaners.

    I don't let anyone 'clean' my PC for me.

    I keep McAfee updated (daily).

    And I clean out temp files often.

    Happy PC -Happy me! Good luck...

  • Mike
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    1 decade ago

    Its not as bad as the makers of anti-spyware programs want you to believe.

    As long as you are not click-crazy and install or fall for every popup you see, you will be fine.

    You dont need to delete all that stuff above either. It is not necessary, and your internet experience will be better if you allow some cookies, temp internet files, etc.

    Firefox is also much more secure then IE, so using FF alone will mean you have fewer risks.

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  • 4 years ago

    appears like pretend protection utility. i pick to advise AVG loose version 8.0, as quickly as downloaded test your finished laptop and eliminate any secret agent-ware etc. that's infecting your laptop.

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