CONCRETE ? , I want to either paint or stain a 3' x 12' slab.?

How do I prep it? Which works best? It is part of a covered patio, so there won't be too much direct exposure to the elements. Any help or advice appreciated. Thanks!

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    I vote for staining it. First of all, the look is much nicer----concrete staining is very popular for a reason, and there are lots of great colors. Secondly, the stain will never flake like concrete paint does. With paint, once moisture gets under it, all the work is for naught. To stain concrete, first clean it with a pressure washer. Then you have to etch it if the concrete is really smooth or really old. Then you apply the stain with a garden sprayer. It's a very easy DIY job that requires little maintenance other than sealing it every year or two, which you should be doing with concrete anyhow..

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    obviously you need to clean it first.. but how you clean it is important.. if there are stains or some mold or moss, something of that nature.. you want to get yourself a bottle of muriatic acid.. lowes and walmart or home depot should have it.. mix it with water and scrub the concrete first.. it will eliminate all the things I mentioned and more.. follow the directions.. that stuff is hot.. so don't make ti so strong that it will etch the concrete.. the directions are on the bottle.. clean it then coat it with masonry primer.. and then paint it with a good masonry paint.. sherwin williams makes the best.. good luck

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    clean it , with a hose , even a power hose ,

    leave it over night , then brush it clean , is the slab is really rought , paint a concrete primer on it , if not ,go to walmart / sher williams one gallon will work, with a roller . paint in the early evening ,much cooler , and less people to stand on it

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