my 9 month old has a cyst on her ear lobe?

I got my daughters ears pierced when she was 6 months old i have cleaned and checked them daily for infection and what not...well i gave her a bath the other day and nothing was there later that night all of a sudden theres a bump above the ear ring in the back of her ear the next day she had her 9 month check up so i said something to the dr she said it looked like a cyst and just to call if it got any bigger.....well im concerned she is my first baby and it didnt seem to bother her when you touched it before but now shes cranky all the time and to me it bothers her.....should i be extremly worried and take her to another dr or should i listen to my dr and its really nothing....I have tried to look it up on the internet to see if i could find anything on it but i cant seem to find anything....has any had this happen to their child or am i just a worried mommy???


I did take the ear ring out and i havent put one back in yet I dont really want to until it goes down.....

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    I get cysts on my ear lobes all the time. It is just something that I am prone to. Eventually they pop just like a pimple would, just more puss. I had one under my arm too... that one I had to get my doctor to "pop" (drain) with a syringe because it was so tender. My mom on the other hand has had a few cysts that she has had to have surgically removed... those were much deeper under her skin.

    If your doctor is telling you to to hold it out and see if it gets bigger, then I would follow his directions. The great things about having one on an ear lobe, it can't go very deep and it can easily be monitored

    Source(s): I get them too.
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    All first time mothers get concerned. You talked to your doctor about it thats the best thing you can do. And taking out the earring is definetly a good idea. Ide stick to your doctors advice that if it gets bigger dont worry to much. Unless your baby is having pain by it, usually they will tug on their ears if their ears hurt. You could just be more sensitive to your baby being a little fussy. Or your baby could be even picking up on your worrying. Try to stay calm, everything should be fine ~ Sheky :)

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    Because babies have such sensitive skin, and she is in a rapid growing stage, the earring may be bothering her but the cyst will go away. It may be best to remove the earring and let the hole close.

    Some people think its best that you wait until your child is 1 yrs. old, when the rapid growing stage has slowed down, and the ears aren't so sensitive.

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    Have you taken the earing out? If not that is the first thing i would do. I would definately get a 2nd opinion if it is bothering her.

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    i had a cyst a couple of years ago on the side of my neck.i would get a second opion i had to have surgury but mine was really bad.hers will be ok..hope it gets better

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