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What to do in St Louis?

I will be there Friday!

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    There is so much to do in St. Louis, especially for free if you know where to go!

    -The Arch

    -Six Flags

    -The Art Museum

    -The History Museum

    -The City Museum (not your typical run of the mill museum...great for kids!)

    -The Science Center (free)

    -Grant's Farm (I believe it's free, but you pay to park)

    -The Zoo (free... but the zoo charges for parking, though it's easy enough to find a place to park in Forest Park, and just walk to the zoo!)

    -The Muny!! (Friday's show will be 'Grease'. There are free seats open to the public, but you'd have to get there early, because it's a popular idea!)

    -Tour the Anheuser Bush Brewery! (It's free AND two free beers for anyone 21 and older!!)

    -Tour Bush Stadium!! ($10 for an adult ticket, but it's really neat, and you go to party rooms, the dugout, the field, and more! I did it on Tuesday, and it was really neat!! Take a camera!)

    Have fun visiting St. Louis!!

    Source(s): Me!
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    Check out Red Door in East St Louis for BBQ.

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    try to get some fried ravioli it's a st Louis specialty over on the hill,as well as I'm a fan of imos pizza i guess it's an acquired taste i saw on here somewhere that a bunch of them didn't like it,i recommend it for a st Louis first.

    there is lacleedes landing downtown that you can walk along old cobblestone roads to the different bars and little stores there planet Hollywood is here also

    fox theater on grand if your into stage shows for sight seeing there is grants farm the st Louis zoo which is free admission but pay to park unless you park in forest park and walk not bad what we always did

    Budweiser's brewery has tours and you can see the Clydesdale's and of course no tour of st Louis would be finished with out riding in the mork from orc egg to the top of the arch the gateway to the Midwest

    and on a side note if you like Italian food Joe urzies market on southwest st on the hill has homemade silica i grill it wow!!!


    have a blast but be car full st Louis is a dangerous place

    Source(s): i grew up there and lived till i was 36 i now live in alabama
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    yeaaahhh st.louis is my hometown(i live in chicago now) and youre gonna love it! the weather is always lovely. never too hot and never too cold. the number one thing you need to do there is eat! i knwo i know but really you have to first:

    gus's pretzels- to die for

    crown candy kitchen- really good old restaraunt

    ANYPLACE on the hill- italian food thats soooo good and theres this one deli that is just so good and has so much stuff DEFINETLY GET THE MEAT TOASTED RAVIOLI its the best thing youve ever had ill bet you anything

    IMOS PIZZA- omg youre killing me! i want to live there again so bad. the pizza is so good. its incredibly thin but all the cheese and stuf its so good

    and if you get a chance try to get here its not really in the city but i think its in a place like hazlecrest or hazlewood or someting but its called pueblo nuevo. words cannot describe. seriously we go to st.louis liek 4 times a year and we go there every day. its mexican food and from the outside its in a strip mal and stuff but you can not judge a book by its cover. its a really nice family owned place. okay moving away from food(im sure youre tired of reading all this) :

    go to the art museum and the arch and the zoo and if you can try to see a show at the Muny. its lie a really nice outdoor theatre hah i remember the jingle now: meet me at the muny, the muny in forest park!

    basically anything you do you wont be dissapointed

    have fun and eat some food for me!

    Source(s): lived there for 9 of my 14 years
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    If you look like your picture, I know one thing you can do... :)

    Ok, best, worst, or somewhere in between pickup line.

    If you here just for the evening, I would try to catch a ball game or go to a local comedy club. Maybe a night club.

    Getbyone has not been around in a while -- Planet Hollywood has closed sometime ago. There is a Hard Rock in Union Station though.

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    if you enjoy music, then i recommend you stop off at Pop's in sauget right outside of st. louis. It is a great night club and music venue that offers a large variety of shows.

    always a good time at Pop's!

    Source(s): been there many, many times!
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    check this website.

    they give you list of things to see and do in St. Louis. it also says how much it cost to get into certain places and says what they have in certain areas. ive used this site to plan a few trips and im never dissapointed. Have fun

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    The Arch is a lot of fun and there's a video presentation that plays in the base. I found that very interesting.

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    Go to a Cardinal Game or go to Anhiser Bush and take the tour. you get 2 free beers when it is over.

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    Go see the Arch. They also have a good zoo. I'm sure theres more, but I lived there as a kid so that's all I remember.

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