Should I let go ?

I have been with my husband for 12 years and he tells me he loves me but has never been in love .Should i try to work things out or should i let him go he wants to leave ? By the way we have three kids and when he told me i didn't even cry we have been through alot it hurt me a little when i heard it but it didn't affect me like it used to !

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    If there is no love between the two of you it's better to let things go and find love and happiness. You will regret it later your life will pass you by and at the end you have nothing because your children will grow up and will think that this is the way life is. If you have daughters you don't want them to end up in a relationship like that show them that you are a strong woman and find yourself a new love.

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    well i think poeple has to live there own lives even if your both totally in love. I also believe if he really loves you he will stay. If yall dont really love oneanother than maybe its for the best . The kids might get hurt but if yall pull together it will be okay. After alittle time has past you and the kids might be alot happier than you are now.

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    Let him make the decision. What's the rush? The longer you stay in the marriage the more money you can stash away and prepare for the time he leaves.

    I bet he never will be in love, because he doesn't love himself.

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    if i were you, i would let go. life is way too short to spend it with someone who does not love you. i know that he loves you, but he's not "in love" with you. you deserve better than that. and if it didn't really bother you at all, that is a sure sign that almost all the emotion is gone. do not stay together for the children. kids know when their parents don't love each other and they learn what relationship are supposed to be like from those around them.

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    If he wants to leave let him go. It sounds like you have been emotionally disconnecting anyway. There is no reason to waste ant more of your time or his if he can't be in love with you. Go find someone who will and be happy.

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    If your feelings say let it go than so be it. move on and find your happiness

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