am i a jerk?!?

so i was going out with this guy, but we both decided it would be best to end our relationship..GENTLY THOUGH! and now he said he wants to get back together, or at leats thats what he told my bestfriend. he's gonna ask me back out in about 2 weeks at my friends party. but here's the thing. Im going out with someone right now ( the other guy i like doesnt know yet..and he never will!) and so i need to breakup with my current boyfriend so i can get back together with my other one. cuz i like my other boyfriend WAYYY MORE! so how do i REAALLYY REAALY nicely and softly an d gently break-up w/ him. REALLY REALLY REAALLY NICELY THOGUH! he cannot be hurt at all! plz plz help me. am i a jerk for this? oh well =} w//e so please, what do i say to him>??

i will pick a best answer in 1 day so make ur answers good! =}}



how long shuld i wait before i go out with the other guy? is like 6 days longs enuff??

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    Well you should be honest to him say what your heart says thats the only way you can't hurt a guy but there still has to be alittle pain its natural say to him that its not him it you that your confused and still have feelings for you ex that he is a great guy he will find a good girl that will love him and to never feel bad you guys can be friends and the time you spend with him was good . Hope this helps

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    Ok, understand this, you are not a jerk, but if I was guy #2, there would likely be no way I could get out of this with not being hurt. If you like guy #1 (the guy you liked first) you have a right to be with him.

    And as for letting the other guy down easy, well, first you have to be honest with him. Tell him you didn't think it was working out with the first guy, but that you were wrong, and that he wants you back. He's probably going to be disappointed, but sometimes dating just goes that way. I know how hard it is to break up with someone, especially when you respect them like you do. And since you're so sincere about it, I wouldn't worry too much, because he will see it all over your face that you don't want to hurt him, and that alone will make it easier. Hope it works out for you!

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    try to tell him about what happened. that you were confused and realize that you love someone a lot and can't stop thinking of him. by that you're not lying, and if he cares for you he'll feel happy that you'll be with the right guy. you're not a jerk at all. people make mistakes a lot about dating, but you're lucky that you know who you like more, some people go their whole lives without knowing and end up sad.


    you could try to find someone that that guy would be great with and still be friends. he'll slowly get happy with that new girl and everything will be fine.

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    You don't sound like a jerk. You might watch how deeply you get in a relationship at first and make sure the guy you get serious with is not just "some guy" but "the guy". If you are not serious with the guy you are dating now then it is no big deal.

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    tell him that its not workin out and dat you want 2 be just friends for now before you or he gets hurt. but dont go out with the other guy right after breakin up with your current bf cuz hes gunna think u lied 2 him and dat ur a slut. hope this helps!!!

    Source(s): im a guy!! i kno how guys think!!
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    just tell him it's over and slap the hell out of him oh and kick him in the nutts why your at it cause that's what the guy going to feel like if let him down easy show no mercy dont lead him on no more than you did

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    You're sounding like a guy. Take some responsibility for the relationships you're in!

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    Tell him honestly....

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    1 decade ago you want to be a jerk?

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