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Do you agree with this week's Supreme Court ruling that corporations are entitled to protection under (more)

the first amendment?


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Should a corporation be able to run for office then?

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    well this is how a company is defined.

    A corporation is a legal entity (technically, a juristic person) which has a separate legal personality from its members.

    The defining legal rights and obligations of the corporation are: (i) the ability to sue and be sued; (ii) the ability to hold assets in its own name; (iii) the ability to hire agents; (iv) the ability to sign contracts; and (v) the ability to make by-laws, which govern its internal affairs.[1] Other legal rights and obligations may be assigned to the corporation by governments or courts. These are often controversial.[2]

    Stewart Kyd, the author of the first treatise on corporate law in English, defined a corporation as "a collection of many individuals united into one body, under a special denomination, having perpetual succession under an artificial form, and vested by the policy of the law with the capacity of acting in several respects as an individual, ...".[3]

    since they have the rights of a person they should be able to participate in elections.

    no because it is a juristic person, but when you can silence a group of people from expressing themselves about who to elect. then what is next? if you can legislate a part of society out of the process which group will be next?

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    Corporations can rule the earth and make us miserable, but the will also rule hell as their punishment. Just hold on.

  • What exactly is the first amendment. Oh yea I remember. "Thy shall no kill." Yea that's a good one. They should be entitled.

    Kisses Betty B.

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    I do not entirely agree by the sound of it and i need to do more research on the topic.

    I don't hate old people but they can be stupid sometimes.

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    What's the ruling, exactly?

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