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Frenchs and pubic hair...?

Is it true that french girls do not shave pubic hair???

If so why???

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    many cultures don't shave body hair. i'm under the impression that they think that being natural is more attractive than the american practice of waxing & shaving off all body hair. i think that the french, & other cultures, veiw body hair (mainly pubic hair) as a sign of maturity.

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    I think that probably lots of people don't shave their pubic hair, and I don't think that being French has anything to do with it.

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    Well I got a German girlfriend who does not shave at all. Even her arm pit too.full of hair. It depend on individual and their brought up. Hair is personal . I shave my under arms as I exercise a lot and sweat a lot. French girl do not shave because it is just natural for them. it is normal for people not to shave. Dun you find them sexual when they do not shave. I do feel that way.

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    Most women in the USA don't shave their pubic hair. I don't.

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  • 1 decade ago

    Good Question, and yes that's true. They also don't shave their armpits. Well I'm sure there are some French women who do, but most commonly they don't. I could not tell you why.


  • Lovely
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    1 decade ago

    maybe, because don't everyone like to shave under there

  • 1 decade ago

    their pubes provide them with mystical powers that allow them to save the world

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