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Lord of the rings odd question?

I need to some how compare Lord of the Rings to Lord of the rings return of the king. I know plenty about the books but it just confuses me to do this since they are both from the same book and story. Could anyone help me get started with a few ideas?

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    Wait. . .do you need to compare Fellowship to Return of the King, or are you comparing the entire novel (Fellowship, Two Towers and RoK) to the section RoK?

    Whenever you compare pieces of literature, you can look at a few general things:

    1. character development

    2. important symbols

    3. foreshadowing

    4. resolution of conflicts

    5. importance of setting to the story development and to the characters

    That is a weird assignment.

    I guess I'd compare Frodo's overall journey to his trek from Mount Doom back to Rivendell and the Shire. Are you doing the movie or the book? The movie, of course, doesn't include the scourging of the Shire, which you could compare to the destruction of the one ring.

    Maybe you could compare Gollum and Frodo from the two parts; how they became more similar or more alike (whatever you think! you can argue both ways, really).

    Another interesting theme would be that of redemption. Gollum and Boromir are the most obvious cases, but you can also look at the redemption of Gondor by Aragorn, the "redemption" of Theodin by Gandalf Stormcrow, Aragorn's redemption of his blood line. . .That actually sounds like a cool one.

    I hope one of these things helped. Good luck!

    In response to the answer above:

    It's STRIDER, not Ryder!!!!!!!

  • I think that it is interesting that at the beginning of the series man is not really a major player or at least not considered as such and then at the end it is considered to be the start of the age of man. The time of the elves is finished and it is even said that the halfling will grow taller and blend into the human society. The other races are dead pretty much. Good luck.

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    I think I would start by comparing the characters and how the adventure has changed them. For instance int the Lord of the Rings Ryder (Aragorn) seemed to fear his heritage and didn't think he had the strength to lead man to victory. Then in Return of the King he fount the courage to help his friends and save mankind.

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