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When I touch my pimple I also feel the touch on my tooth, is this normal?

When a pimple just starts growning, it sometimes may hurt or you can feel it when you touch it. When I do it, I feel it in my tooth. Is this normal?

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    When you get a pimple there's swelling and the swelling pushes on the nerves around your face soooo..... when nerves have pressure on them the pain can spread throughout the area where the swelling that's putting pressure on the nerve...

    do you understand what I'm trying to say?

    In most cases this is nothing to be concerned about but.... if you want a doctors advice then I am not a doctor and you should go see one!

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    the nerve that enables you to feel pain in your pimple has connections with the nerve that makes you feel pain in your tooth; sort of like branches of the same tree. hence, pain in one area of the face can be "referred" to the tooth and vice-versa.

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    your pimple is connected to your tooth.. medical term for this is called "tooth pimple. sensitive tooth ..that aches when touching a pimple.. see a doctor and a dentist for this condition

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    you feel a pimple in your tooth?? I don't get it, is the pimple on your mouth or in your mouth??

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    dude, i have this really big mole on my stomach, and when i pinch it i feel the pinch on my elbow! i have know idea why it deos this but its kinda cool

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    not normal, or maybe your skins too sensitive? go ask about it to your dermatologist. And remember: DONT TOUCH IT!


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