When any one, be it celebrity or civilian pleads "no contest "to DUI, what does "no contest" actually mean?

I am in dire need of claification!!!

So many times, celebrities plead "no contest" to DUI, in layman's terms, what does "no contest actually mean?

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    It means that while they do not admit guilt, they are not going to argue against the charge. One reason this is used is because guilty plea can be used to establish guilt in a civil lawsuit, but no contest can not.

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    In the criminal proceeding, it is the same as pleading guilty. But if you are then sued by someone regarding the incident, it is not the same as pleading guilty.

    For example--if OJ had pleaded no contest to murder, he would serve the same sentence as if he had pleaded guilty. But then when he was sued for wrongful death by the Goldman and Brown families, they could not say "see, he pleaded guilty, so give us $100 million". A no contest plea would be useless to them.

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    It means "I don't want to fight the charges." It's a lot like pleading guilty, but unlike a guilty plea, it can't be used against you in a separate civil suit (for money).

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    "No contest" is admission of guilt, no defense is offered, and they are willing to accept any punishment which is issued, unless your name is Paris Hilton.

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  • 1 decade ago

    One lawyer described "no contest" as "I didn't do it, but I won't do it again".

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