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is there a vehicle similar to a jeep wrangler????

i love the idea of the removeable doors&& top....but i can't seem to find any affordable ones in my is thre immitation to a jeep wrangler or something???

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    Suzuki Samurai is similar but a lot more top heavy since it is narrower. Try looking into an old jeep cj5 or cj7. These are the ancestors of the wrangler and would be a fun jeep to have. There are so many accessories for the jeeps. I am not sure about the accessories for the Samurai. Besides if you are buying old, go for the real deal. All will most likely need work, but I think the jeep would be more worth it.

    VW also made a "jeep" like vehicle like a thousand years ago.

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    Why not get an older CJ - say something around 1976-1978. The do all the same things, but have older technology in the suspension. Many are in great shape - for about $5000 or so.

    Just as much fun though.

    Back then they also had a Ford Bronco (bit bigger but same idea), and the Toyota FJ.

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    An old Suzuki Samarai

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