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Who was the best QB to play in the NFL?

John Elway

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    its hard to say....

    Superbowl wins...Montana or Bradshaw....4 rings each in a decade...

    Wins...Marino, Elway, or Farve

    Leadership....Kelly, Farve, Elway, Montana, or Aikman

    Titles...Bart Star

    Pure talent....Johnny U, Manning, and Vick (what he can do on the ground no other QB has done before, who many QBs you know can throw 2,000 yds and rush a 1000?)

    Today best...Farve, Manning, or Brady......

    its all based on how you look at it. cause there are so many different arguing points who is the best...specially at this position....runningbacks is easy its Brown, Peyton, Sanders, or Smith and maybe Simpson. Wide Recievers simple to Rice, Carter, or Harrison...TE Gonzalez, Sharpe, or Newsome.

    so choosing the best QB is based on your judgement who could be the best...and which u like most also...

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    Was the best?

    Marino and Montana are tied for the top spot IMO. Montana thrived because of the West Coast Offense with short passes and Marino excelled because of Duper and Clayton and the lack of a viable running game. Farve rates a close second and Elway rates a few steps down from there as he had no where near the TD rate of Montana or Marino. If you really want to nit pick Elway's stats early on he was a highly inaccurate passer from 83-91 in comparison with other QBs in the NFL at that time. Although he did come into his own later in his career.

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    Dan Marino but people wont say it because he didn't win a SB. Not his fault he played with a bunch of dush bags. Marino has a strong arm so he could force some of the passes he threw. He has without a doubt the quickest release in the game EVER. He holds most of the records for QB but we all know Peyton will destroy it all. Great person on and off the field. Marino will never get the respect he is due because he has no ring. And we all know how unfair life is. I'm very surprised on how long he played because he got hit so much that Arturo Gatti wouldn't want to fight him. Tough, smart, great player and the greatest QB of all time that's Marino. No disrespect towards Elway he is every bit as great as Marino.

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    I agree. John Elway

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    Joe Montana

    Roger Staubrach

    Steve Young

    Troy Aikman

    Brett Favre

    Peyton Manning

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    man.. here in about 6 years everyone is going to be saying Peyton Manning.... I mean.. come on, we look at Dan Marino's passing records for TDs, attempts, yards, all this stuff, but its going to be smashed by Peyton. Not a huge fan, but lets face it, hes amazing. Its just like watching bonds break the home run record, when its not going to matter in about 5 years when A-Rod takes a dump on bonds chest.

    Now as for right now. SI put Unitas with montana and young right behind him. Lets also remember Favre did win 3 MVP's in a row.

    Conclusion, Montana.

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    After Favre is done he should be considered the best. He never misses games, has a ring, very gaudy stats and 3 mvps. He is the only athlete in North America to be with the same team since 92. Not just football, all sports. What happens if he wins another ring? Then is he the best?

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    Joe Montana

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    Question is stated as was so manning is out even though he very well could be the best. But i would have to say that right now it is Joe Montana closely followed by Dan Marino

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    Joe Montana or Dan Marino

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