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Do you think it is sad to go to the movie or club alone?

Since I have no friend, I don't have any choice.

Do you think that's just too depressing?

If not, what can I do alone that doesn't seem too depressing?

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    I went out alone all the time in the past...and that's how I made plenty of new friends who I hang out with often!

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    I don't think it is "sad or depressing" at all. Of course, it could be. I love cutting out of work early on occasion and hitting a matinee by myself. I would gladly go with someone and often do but, I really enjoy it by myself sometimes. Less crowd and sometimes, no one else in the theatre at all. It's like your own personal theatre. If however, you find yourself alone alot and really wish to be with others, you may have some sort of problems. Could range from anxiety or being very shy or socially anxious, or, if you find you do many things alone and truly feel withdrawn and isolated, this could be a symptom of a depression. Need to put it into a bigger context to really know if you have a problem that needs attention. good luck and enjoy the flicks.

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    For some reason it seems to me that women would go the movies by themselves, but less so to a club.

    But guys wouldn't really go to the movies by themselves, but definitely go to a club by themselves. Or to a pub or a bar. I mean there always seem to be guys hanging around the bar, drinking their beer. So, from my point of view, I wouldn't look at this as something strange at all.

    What can you do alone that's not depressing? Well... let's see. If there's anything that you're interested in but haven't tried yet, now's the time to look into it. There's a group for pretty much anything out there. Let's say you're interested in, oh I don't know, cow tipping....?, then you could probably find a group of enthusiastic cow tippers. And then just go there and see how it goes. [You don't mention any particulars, so I have to go with cow tipping here!]

    Good luck!!!!

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    I go to alot of movies alone. I also go out to eat alone. I always take a magazine to read and enjoy my meal as I enjoy the time alone. My work and family take alot out of me and I really don't have many friends but I still enjoy having a hour or so for myself. It was hard at first but its no problem now. I frequent the same resturants and the staff all know me bringing me my ice tea and placing my order when they see me. One thing though is I usually go when it is later, not during the normal dinner hour.

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    I go to the movies alone all the time, we have 2 small children and I go after everyone is asleep. I don't think I would go to a club alone, but there is nothing wrong with that.. You do what you want to make you happy!

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    it's only depressing if the person doing it thinks it's depressing. yes, it is seen by a lot of people that way, and that puts pressure for us to think that when we go, that we think people are looking at us and thinking it is sad we are alone. but going alone can be a lot of fun, you can get totally into the experience without any other person to defer to or to dilute it for you. and you can see or do something you might not ever do if you had to wait around to find someone to go with you. so go. that's all i can say.

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    there is nothing wrong going out a lone. But why do you not have friends. I feel for you. Maybe going to a club would be a good way for you to meet friends. Or ask some people from work to go out with you. Or join a singles sight in which you meet people as friends to hang out with... If you lived in my town, I would be your friend. No one should be with out a friend......

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    It's not sad at all. Many people do things alone. So don't feel bad. In fact sometimes its better like: like what movie you'd watch.....what snacks you want. See?'s definetely(probably spelled wrong sorry) not sorry. :)

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    You always get the best seat when you go to the movies alone. all your doing is watching the movie - not talking - so other people are nice but not nessisary

    club I dunno. Good way to meet people I bet

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    You were born alone(unless your a twin), and you will most likely die there is nothing wrong with going out alone.....

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