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Is Catholic and Christian the same?

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    Yes they are about the same....I know I'm Christian and my Grandmother is Catholic! Catholics are just a little more strict about everything

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    Christian means follower of Christ. Catholic means broad or liberal. This is according to the American Heritage Dictionary.

    A Christian follows the Bible whereas the Catholic Church adds alot of extras (sacraments) to the simple gospel that are not required to be saved and enter heaven. You can be saved and be a Catholic but you can also not be saved and be a Catholic.

    You should not call yourself a Christian if you do not recognize Jesus Christ as the Messiah; the Savior of the world whose death was the perfect sacrifice for sin and whose resurrection showed that we will all live again after death. If you believe in salvation in any other way then you are not a Christian no matter what religious system you belong to.

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    Catholics are a branch of Christians. Yes.

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    no, they are different. Christian is more vague, Catholic is more specific. The only way that i know how to explain it is that it is like saying pagans are the same as wiccan and wiccans follow much more rules to say

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    actually Catholics believe a lot of beliefs different than the bible. like that the pope is almost like God on earth. and the Pope can't get married which is against the bible since God made humans to reproduce read this article

    They changed the biblical sabbath and brought in pagan holidays and christianized them

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    Yes and No.

    Christianity is a general name that encompasses a multitude of variations in practices and beliefs of its religion based on the Bible and the divinity of Jesus of Nazareth.

    Catholicism is one of those variations in Christianity. Catholicism itself has its own variations: Roman, Anglican, and Eastern.

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    They're both Christian, although they differ in ways of worship, and rituals.

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    Yes! yes it is! they both are taught the same teachings and they both praise and believe in Christ and that he died for us. Exactly the same

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