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Harry Potter: Order Of The Phoenix / Deathly Hallows?

Hey everyone! I'm just wondering just how many people out there are really looking foward to the upcoming Harry Potter film: "Order Of The Phoenix" and the final book: "Deathly Hallows". What are you looking foward to see in the movie (maybe a specific fight or something like that)? What are you hoping to find out in the final book? C'mon tell me what you guys think!

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    Oh my. If they don't come out soon my insides will be eaten away.

    As I type this I'm watching GoF hoping for them to come out sooner. =b

    What I'm really looking forward to in OotP is Snape's worst memory. It was always my favorite chapter! (Its the one where Harry goes into well Snape's worst memory...It has young James, Snape, Sirius, Remus, Peter, and Lilly)

    One of my favorites thing from it was when Sirius and James were talking to Lupin about the test it was "5 signs someones a werewolf' or something. And Siruis and james ask Remus if he got everything(kidding around since he IS a werewolf) And Lupin replies...

    "I think I did, One: he's sitting in my chair. Two: he's wearing my clothes. Three: his name's Remus Lupin"

    It makes me laugh.

    What am I looking forward in the book?

    Woaaah, boy. Hold on now. The question is what am I NOT looking forward to. =b

    I'm want to know who dies.

    Who lives.

    Whats important about Lilly Potter's eyes.

    Will Ron and Hermione actually get together?

    Will Lupin and Tonks actually hook up? (They never stated for sure, they were just holding hands)

    Why is the flying motorcycle returning?

    What is the two way mirrior being used for, why is it coming back?

    ARGH. I need answers. =b

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    i have just recently (3 months ago) gotten in to harry potter and have never had to wait for the any of the books or the movies.

    I find it so fun! What im looking foward to in the movie is the scene when Dumbledore escapes from the minister and umbridge - that is going to be awesome! and the fight scene between him and voldemort. and the hall of prophices scene.

    In the book: there are far too many things.

    who lives, what are the horcruxes, the 2 way mirror, what is harry's scar - really, the letters from dumbledore to petunia, if ginny and harry will get together, i think ron is going to die sacrificing himself for harry so i dont think him and hermonie will be together but u never know, if hagrid will die, what is behind that vail, what all did dumbledore do to protect harry, what snape and dumbledore were talking about, if the ministery will help or make the situation worse, will the trio go back to school, what about newts... i could go on all day!!!!!

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    I'm a bit more concerned about the next movie than I am looking forward to it. After the last two, and seeing that Order of the Phoenix is actually going to be shorter in length than Prisoner of Azkaban, I fear too much of the book is going to be cut out and the movie will probably feel rushed.

    I'm more looking forward to the release of the final book, though I can wait for the 21st. Just really looking to see how she finishes the series amd ties up some loose ends as well.

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    In the movie I want to see the centears in the woods with umbridge, grawp, harry, and hermione because I think it will be funny to see her get tricked and then grawp coming to save Hermione and harry

    And in the book I want to see what will happen to malfoy because I think there is good in him because of the way he wouldn't kill dumbledore but I think snape will be keeping such an eye on draco(unforgivable vow) that he wont be able to do anything, so yea this book will probably be confusing with all the emotions that everyone is feeling but I hope draco will help maybe the order of the phoenix with voldemort and what he is doing, like snape was supposely doing

    Although draco and Harry will obviosly remain enemies

    Yeah I am very excited

    O yeah u seem like a harry potter fan so check out

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  • 1 decade ago

    Well, my good chap, finally a good question to answer. Here is my answer: About the movie. I really want to see Harry Potter training his friends. The fight in the Department of Mysteries is something I am highly waiting for!! Oh, lets not forget the Thestrals and Grawp! And Umbridge, the centarous, and Grawp, that should be a good one!!!

    About the book: I would like to know what Snape did to gain Dumbledores total and absolute trust? Who really is RAB? About the Horcruxes, did Dumbledore named them all correctly? How will Harry destroy them without suffering? Mind you, when he destroyed the Diary, he was dying from the Basilisks fang! If it wasn't for Fawkes, Harry could have died! I have read that JK Rowling said that Grindelwald will be in some way in the book, therefore, how did Dumbledore vanished Grindelwald. Who was Grindelwald? I also read that Sirius will return, in what form? How will he help.

    Well, I could just go on and on, I will be delighted in getting my copy!!

    If you want to discuss any of what I said, e-mail me!

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  • 1 decade ago

    I'm quite dreading the Deathly Hallows and eagerly anticipating it at the same time. I don't want the end to come...

    As far as the movie goes, I just wish they haven't made too many changes from the book. That's what pissed me off about GoF movie, especially the overly long dragon chasing scene.

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    I'm so excited for both, but I know they botched the movie. It's shorter than both GOF and POA, which are both longer in book form, so I know they cut out too much. I want to see Dumbledore and Voldemort fight most, and there's so much I want to find out in the book. Is Harry a Horcrux? Will Harry live? Will Harry marry Ginny? Is RAB Regulus Black? AAAAAGGGGGHHHH there's so much I want to know!!! (By the way, I believe that the answer to every question above is yes)

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  • 1 decade ago


    i am looking forward to see and read both. I want to see the movie for the extra things the director might put in the fourth moive he put in some scenes(like where the boys school teacher showed snape his dark mark secretly in the postions room and was like u know what this means to us!!!)

    and in the book I WANNA C WHOS TOGHETHRE AND WHOS DYINGGGG!!!!!!!!!!!!....i dont want the series to end tho!

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  • 1 decade ago

    Definitely looking forward to both. I've already bought movie tickets for IMAX 3D. Should be awesome! As far as the final book, I just want to read the final battle between Harry & Voldemort.

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