Is it true that the more black people a country has, the more problems it has?

Not meant to be racist. Just curious.

Look at the african nations they seem overrun with poverty hunger war and disease

And if you look at the whitest countrys, like in Scandanavia they seem to be lands of milk and honey

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    They also have less rain and more desert. Your logic is very weak. By your theory countries with the most cookoo clocks would be the most healthy.

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    1 decade ago

    White people do have beautiful people, but they also have the world's ugliest people, the world's worst. and best; presidents and killers, beautiful models and circus freaks, serial killers, beggars, and they have every disease known to man. They produced Mark Twain and Ted Bundy. Issac Newton and Timothy McVeigh. George Washington and Benedict Arnold.

    Get off your racist butt and study some facts of life and history.

    I am not being racist, but let us be fair here.

    America is the greatest nation on earth because it is a mixture of ALL races, colors, ethnics.

    How come Scandanavia and England didn't produce an America? Whites had to mix with ethnics to produce America.

    God created all peoples and in America his face is seen the most and the clearest. His voice is HERE the clearest in all the races and ethnicities.

    A man on Christian television s aid he heard God's voice and he said he heard every accent in the world, but all those accents were in one voice...God's voice.

    Africa is cursed because they didn't turn to God but to voodoo. Not because they're black but because they worship demons.

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    1 decade ago

    Theoretically yes ... But not always that a stereotyped that America brainwashes people to think most of Africa is pretty posperous there are only select countries with exstreme poverty etc .. Nigeris,etheopia etc .. Look at South Africa especially cape town 80 percent black 10 percent brithc 10 percent other .. and its one of the richest shipping countries with a very low crime rate but look at places all white like Romania and bulgaria,and amsterdamn with huge crime rates poverty etc..

    So stereotypically yes but not always ..

    Poor parts and disease ridden part of Europe ..

    Rich parts of Africa

    And still thats a sterotype because there are horrible parts of South Africa and great parts of Romanis oo ...

    Its wtvr ...

    Just don't stereotype !

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    I'm sure your not trying to be racist.... To answer your question... No... It is true though that the more dumbasses, like yourself, we have the more problems we have... History has proven that the black race is very resilient. In ancient times their culture was equal to none. Africa was the the learning capital of the world. Royalty from around the world sent their young ones there to be taught by scholars. Then came the slave trade & the destruction of a culture.... Over the last 40 years black culture has grown by leaps & bounds. The hip-hop culture is embraced by black & whites. In 20 years racist clowns like you will be obsalete. Talk about making a come back!!! I agree there are some dumbass blacks out there... But their reaping what they sow... Just the same as the dumbass whites. Just so you know I'm a white guy, born & raised in the south, and I'm proud of that. I listen to country music & by most peoples standards, at first impressions, They would probably think I'm a southern red neck... The truth is the truth though & regardless of how much ignorant people like you want it to... Its not going to change!

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    Yes, Scandinavian countries are wonderful. They know how to live and do not allow criminals to continue on. So if it is true what you have asked, then the culture needs to take a good look at themselves. I hope not, but it does seem like you are accurate. How can we(they) turn it around ?? Deportation is an important word in the Scandinavian countries. If people can't abide and be good to each other, they get the boot.

  • 1 decade ago

    No, the reason SOME African nations are "overrun with poverty, hunger, war, and disease" is due to lack of resources and education, NOT RACE.

    That question is an embarrassment to me as a human being.

  • 1 decade ago

    So how many history classes have you taken on the history of the poor AFrican people ?

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    Well maybe if all of the "whites" stop taking everything from everyone then there would be enough "milk and honey" for everyone!!!

    not trying to be racist. Just stating an opinion.

    (that's was called sarcasm)

  • 1 decade ago

    the facts speak for themselves on this the USA, 75% of Federal prison inmates are black.

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    NO, you are just another superficial brainwashed person that has no original opinions.

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