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How do you prevent a cold?

Im going camping in a few days, and Im scared of catching a cold, anyone know how to prevent one?

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    There really is no 100% effective way to prevent a cold.

    However if you keep your immune system healthy ie..healthy diet, proper sleep or rest, and low stress ect.. you will help your body fight of the viruses that cause colds.

    You can try boost your immune with vit c or echinacea or garlic many people swear these work -But -the biggest preventative measure anyone can take is frequent and good hand washing. Those hand sanitizers are okay in a pinch but soap+water are the best.

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    Normally, a cold is caught about 5 days before you know you have it. So, there's lttle to be done about that.

    Some people take Echinacea as gelcaps or as tea, some take a zinc tablet a day (read the label) when they first sense a cold starting. Panax Ginseng tea and Elderberry tea both can ease discomfort, and work better mixed together, but it tastes a little strange.

    Be prepared, but stop worrying. Sun block and bug repellant are much more important. Have fun!

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    um. start taking vitamin c now. don't get wet. if you get wet, change quickly. stay warm, or at least keep the chill off. i'd have hand sanitizer as my constant companion too, lol

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    1st of all, why are you scared?!! Don't be!! Stay active, take your vitamins & stay away from Snotty-nosed kids!

    Have fun on your camping trip, you're gonna be fine!

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