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Healthy Eating?

To you, what exactly is "healthy eating"?

And give me a breakfast, lunch, snack, and dinner healthy menu.

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    To me healthy eating means eating lots of whole grains, lean proteins, fruits and vegetables, and eating food that is mostly in it's natural state, and not something developed in a lab. Here is what I ate today:

    Breakfast: 1 cup Kashi Go Lean cereal with 1 cup soy milk, raspberries, and a slice of honeydew melon.

    Lunch: A small garden salad with grilled chicken, green seedless grapes, and a handful of mixed nuts.

    Snack; A slice of whole wheat bread with peanut butter and an orange.

    Dinner: Whole wheat pasta in a red sauce, with sauteed vegetables, ground lean turkey and part-skim mozzarella cheese.

    Desert.: Light Key Lime Pie yogurt

    Today was a good day. I don't always eat this healthy, but it is about balance. Sometimes you might want a slice of pizza or some chocolate cake and that is fine, as long as you balance it out with healthy food.

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    People have been ingesting yeast for millenia and no one has yet to turn into the Pillsbury dough boy. Our bodies have enzymes and healthy bacteria that help deal with yeast. Not all fungus is toxic. I have a great recipe for stuffed portobello mushrooms I could share. And avoid sugar? Well then I guess you could never have a piece of fruit or honey ever again...both of which contain sugar. A sensible diet is not about deprivation and restriction. The first two posts are great examples of how to eat healthy.

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    You can eat healthy and still have it delicious!

    Big Breakfast: Omelet from 2 egg whites plus one whole egg. Add low fat mozzerella (not fat free because that tastes awful, but low fat tastes great) and avocados if you like. Whole wheat toast with fruit preserves, and turkey bacon.

    Lunch: Chicken salad (cut up pieces of skinless chicken breast. Helps to have leftovers from a previous chicken dinner)

    Snack: Handful of Almonds, piece of fruit, or try a chocolate mint 'zone' bar if you're craving chocolate!

    Dinner: How about "fast food" dinner? Choose lean ground beef to make hamburgers and put them on whole wheat buns. Cut up a potato into fry size strips, spray a little pam on them and sprinkle with salt or seasonings and bake for delicious french fries!

    Making "substition" meals like this is what helped me lost 60 pounds this year (only 15 more to go!).

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    Lean meats , vegetables, and fruits, try to avoid yeast which is in breads and pasta. and also avoid sugar, and I'll tell ya why. Yeast does the same thing to humans as it does to the loaf of bread, it makes it rise, and sugar and starches feed the yeast and it multiplies very rapidly.(This happens to be the same thing that takes place in a brewerey.) yeast is a fungus and fungus is toxic. Have you ever seen a person with a "beerbelly"? Beer is full of yeast and sugar. That is why a person with a beerbelly looks like they're about to explode. (abdominal swelling)

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