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Do you remember?

The wwe wrestler back in the early 2000's named Shawn Stasiak. His gimmick was PLANET STASIAK.

If you remember him, what did you think of him?

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    Yeah, his music was stupid. He was formerly Known as Meat. He was also Kurt Angle's Opponent at Survivor Series 1999. He was also in WCW fueding with Curt Henning, Booker T, & Bam Bam Bigelow.

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    yes i remember that wasnt that in 2002 cause he was doing the whole planet stasiak when he teamed up with lesnar and stasiak messed up his match so brock gave him the f-5 cause the hardys beat him.

    i didnt like him much it was funny though in 2001 all the time he was trying to injure the rock but he would fail and hurt himself.

    if anyone doesnt remember that watch summerslam 2001 cause u see that there

    as for the brock lesnar part with him thats on Insurrextion 2002 check them out

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    He also shacked up with Chyna after she got tossed aside by Triple H. Last I heard, he was battling crack addiction.

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    Isnt he the guy with they spiky hair and the really ugly asian type face?

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