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anyone know a credit card company that will not charge a late fee if pmt is a day or two late?

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    call the credit company and allow them to know that you can't make your payment before the close out time and that you will make your payment a day late and tell them that you are a loyal customer and you won't make this a habit... please make sure to talk to an supervisor and not to the regular agents they will say yes to anything to make you happy then you'll be disappointed when you get your next statement... also make sure you get the supervisor name and agent ID just in case you the charged a late fee or any other fees.

    Source(s): i have doen this plenty of times and it does not hurt your credit score if you get the payment in on time
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    I agree that the thing to do is as the first answer - but also don't make it a habit - they will note your account and stop doing you favors. You can only cry "help" so many times.

    Your payment would have to be 30 days late to affect your credit score - but I would not be counting on this because there is no mercy here - day 31 and you're credit score drops 30 or more points.

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    I don't believe so. That is how credit card companies make money. Always make sure you pay your bills on time because it affects your credit score.

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    Nope! That's how they make extra money - you didn't know???

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