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After I get Invisalign; how many x-rays will i take during the time that i wear them?

I just want to know if you take any x-rays during the time that you have Invisalign or braces. I know that you take them before you get Invisalign; which i already did. But i want to know if you have to take any during the treatment. and if so how often do you have to do this? i want to know because i am getting my ears pierced really soon and i know you cant have jewelry on when they take the x-rays and i wont be able to take the earrings out until after they heal. so it might create some problems.

so if you have any information please let me know.



emmuale or whatever your name is, i have already read the other ones. and i kept re posting it to just put it in different categories so i could get answers by different people. OKAY SO DONT BE ALL RUDE ABOUT IT. and there are no rules saying you cant. and its not like you are the yahoo! answers police. so take a chill pill. geeeeez!

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    the modern x ray to emit the same radiation of the tv when you start on,the metal jewelry interfered with the x ray

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    First of all, Juicy, maybe you should read some of the answers already given to the multiple postings of this same question.

    Once again: there is no reason to take x-rays during the time you are in treatment with Invisalign, other than individual cavity detecting x-rays you take at check-ups. No reason to remove earrings for those.

    Now, go read a little and stop posting!

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