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Most under-rated rock bands?

who are the most under-rated rock bands of the past and present?

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    Cheap Trick is not in the R&R Hall of Fame, I would say that's pretty well as under-rated as it gets.

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    crzygrl or whatever your name is above me said it all right there, a lot of people say Boston is great and that is still and understatement. Boston is the greatest band of all time, all of their song are AWESOME! Words can't even begin to describe how great they are oh man, I guess the people on here who didn't say Boston, only didn't say it because they thought it was just common knowledge, am I right or what?

    Brad Delp rest in peice my friend.

    Source(s): Brad Delp's spirit came to me in a dream.
  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    A lot in the past... The Yardbirds (members included jimmy page, eric clapton and jeff beck) , Television (great 70s punk band), Gang of Four (a post-punk/new wave band from the late 70s)

    Tons of more in the present too....

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  • Gotta be the Scorpions, they have like 30-something albums (or CDs now) but they have definitely been hard rock gods! There is a lot more than "Rock you like a hurricane"

  • Anonymous
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    animal collective(listen to grass,winters love and you'll see why)

    beck(i think hes underrated publicly not critically hew such a good musician.)

    cream(i dont think they get the respect they deserve)

    daniel johnston(no explanation needed)

    the flaming lips

    the germs

    the libertines(pete kinda overshadowed the band)



    radiohead(same as beck meaning their critically acclaimed but not as huge as they should be)



    the yardbirds(someone mentioned them and i agree)

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    Type O Negative, Ramones, Black Flag, Concrete Blonde, damn I could fill a list out bt those came to mind..

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    thin freakin lizzy. they are amazing. They dont get any radio cred on classic rock stations, they just get their songs covered by punks.

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    Decadence from sweden...ya u dont know them cuz they are SOOO! underated...but they kick a** and check em out

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    in th past... and still today... got to be Boston. great songs. mabye not a lot of quantity but pure quality.

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