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Will Pandora Recovery find files you had before ur computer got a virus and u had to delete all files then?

I was looking for a picture i had about 3 years ago in PAndora Recovery. I looked through a mojority of the files ( there were 31,208) and i knew it was a MB so that narrowed it down, but all the pictures on there were ones i had recently deleted. I know that my computer got a virus about a year ago So, will the file i am looking for be able to be recovered, since we had to delete all the files or whatever you do when you get a virus. I did the search criteria of 2001 and 2006 and there were only 361 and none of them are the picture i want Will I ever be able to find the picture?

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    Probably not.

    When you deleted the file, Windows flagged it on your hard disk. As time went on, the data on the harddrive where the files were located became overwritten.

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