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How do I convert a Hexidecimal color to something that the paint person can understand?

I would like to get some paint to match my company logo.

My photo program gives me the color in Hexidecimal and then the R G B values, and the bightness and stuff. Is this what I need for the person at Porter Paints to give the the EXACT color I want? What should I do?

(Don't say "Print it out" because it's a very specific shade that must be perfect. Printers will distort the color.)



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    If your paint person can't work with the RGB values, try this website:

    In the "Select a color collection" menu, click Porter. Enter the color values in the R, G, and B boxes, then click Match.

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    You should contact the person who is making the paint, and ask them. You may find out that they use computers that can match hexadecimal colors. So definitely give them a call, and ask what you need.

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