Ok More RES Questions....?

OK, so I just took out my two RES to compare them. One is bigger than the other. The smaller one has long claws. The shells look the same. The anal area of the larger one looked open... I dont know which one is male and which is female??


The tail lengths are the same though......

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    They will need to reach 4" before you can positively sex them, prior to that it is just quessing at best.

    Female RES will grow bigger and faster. Males tend to stay smaller and have longer nails. However, these are only secondary characteristics.

    The best and only sure way to sex a RES is by comparing the tail and vent. Males have a thicker and longer tail. Their vent is futher away from the shell. Females have a thinner and shorter tail and the vent is closer to the shell.

    Here are pics from Austin's Turtle Page for sexing a cooter, but it is the same for RES (scroll down to see pics):


    If I were hazard to guess without looking at them the larger one would be female. Send me a picture of their tail and I'll tell you their sex if they're old enough (wu_gwei21@yahoo.com)

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    the larger one is the female

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    opened one is the female

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