why are pregnant woman so tired?

i swear each week that im more pregnant,

if that makes sense lol

i get more and more tired

i also go to school and work right now

so its pretty hard on me, but is there anything to feel better for the next month ?

im 28 weeks in two days,

i just need to finish school which is 3 more weeks

and a loan will be coming so i can leave work whenever that gets here, which will be about 3-4 weeks also

i think im gonna die!

i feel soo tired all the time, no energy

do you become yourself again

after the pregnancy, i dont want to feel lazy forever. thanks

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    You're tired because you have another human sucking your life out of your body! It does get better in a sense after you give birth, but it just goes to another level of exhaustion. The stage you're at right now is hard because you still have a ways to go and you feel like you've been preg forever. If you can, try to listen to your body and relax when you can. Remember, it's a miracle you have a baby in your belly. Try to capture the moment and enjoy the blessing. good luck.

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    Good news is that you will gain a little more energy in your final month. You will probably experience what is called "nesting" which is when the pregnant mother gets a burst of energy making her want to clean EVERYTHING to get everything ready for baby. Be careful not to over do it though. Also you will likely have more energy afterward if you have a vaginal birth without complications. But again...don't over due it. The baby will get up every couple of hours which will wear you down without proper rest and health. You probably feel tired now because you are at a nice weigh gaining pace and your body will soon begin readying itself for the final phase. Drink lots of items with Vitamin C like Orange Juice or eat fresh oranges and dark fresh Cherries (which surprisingly have more vitamin C.) Also be sure you are taking your prenatal pills and folic acid (iron). Drink lots of water and rest whenever you can. If you have a routine like walking everyday for about 15 mins or so out in the fresh air, that can be refreshing as well. Good luck hope this helps.

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    Its normal to be dead tired and it only gets worse till you deliver. You might have spurts of energy here and there. I know what you mean about working and going to school. I worked midnights full time and was a full time student. Needless to say my husband did the cooking and most of the cleaning. You will get your energy back. Just relax as much as you can now!!

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    Because everything you do is for two now. Plus the baby takes a lot of the vital nutrients you need. Make sure you eat healthy, and take your vitamins, that might help, but I'm no doctor.

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    1 decade ago

    when anyone gets tired they feel lazy and they get sick. once u have the baby you have to breast feed about every 4 hours but after that u get to relax. don't work yourself too hard w/ work and school and most importantly have time for yourself. don't get all wrapped up and worried.

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    congrats i am 33 week with my second one. I know the feeling , Your body is going through alot of changes . Yeah after a while you will be yourself again :)

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    Your blood volume is double...that is the most foremost answer I can say...your pumping blood for you and another person, your carrying extra weight and your body just wants to sleep to catch up...thing is you sometimes need to listen to your body...take little catnaps here and there if you can...I used to head out to my car for a nap on my lunch break! lol

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