Italian kids?

I'm still kind of young but I've basically planned out my life recently

I was wanting to adopt Italian kids. Mainly 2 boys and a girl.

my question is how hard would it be to adopt italian kids and what are my chances of getting the two boys as twins?

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    1 decade ago
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    Hi, I live in Italy. Well, it's extremely difficult. Most Italians adopt foreign kids because it's so dang hard to adopt Italian children....there's a lot of red tape and you have to wait a long time before they accept you. It's really sad because there are so many Italian kids who are orphans, too.

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    You need to think about this very carefully.

    There are many options these days to have children. Fertility procedures like in-vitro fertilization. artificial insemination, and surrogate motherhood.

    Adoptions are not easy. It is a long process that requires alot of time, money,and effort to pursue.

    There are many children in America waiting in foster homes right now.

    If you are single or not in a very stable long term relationship, you might want to wait on having and raising children. It is not easy to raise a child. You will be required to provide alot of financial, emotional, and parental support for that child and that is a HUGE responsibility.

    I hope you understand what you are getting into. You need to be able to take care of yourself before you think about children.

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