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Best way to get rid of a big o'l belly?

Hey anyone know the best and the fastest way to get rid of the belly? I'm your average fat guy but instead of growing out in all directions it pretty much just "grew" a beer belly. I've recently got a membership with 24 hour fitness, so if you can give me some tips on what to use there as well it would be appreciated. lol

Thanks in advance.

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    stop eating bread, rice, pasta, and white sugar (including that poison called soda and "juice" which is laced with high fructose corn syrup.

    start exercising.

    then, watch the magic happen in about one full month.

    Source(s): personal experience. lost 15 pounds, mostly at belly in 3 weeks on this plan. now, i am sticking to it. i love my new body!
  • Claire
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    1 decade ago

    Work out your abs; do exercises such as sit-ups and curl-ups. Limit your junk food/oily food/sweets intake, and be sure to be active daily.

  • Anonymous
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    weight watchers my grandpa did it its his first month he lost 25lbs and he doesnt like going to the meetings

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