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Contacts Problem!?

My iris (natural eye color) can be seen with my colored contacts, there is that 'transition' between my pupil and my iris. What should I do, or get, so that my natural eye color is completely covered?

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    Ah I had this problem with colored contacts in Jr.High. I don't know about making the opening smaller, but I know that the tinted contacts (not the ones that change your color but enhance it) don't seem to show the natural color, but if you have brown eyes, you couldn't go blue or green with the tints unless it is a light brown.

    Hope this helps!

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    when your eye is in bright light, the pupil gets smaller, exposing more of your iris.

    The only solution is to see if you can get contacts with a smaller area for your pupil. But then, when your eyes are dilated, the colored part of the lens will cover part of your pupil. I don't know what that would look like...

    The problem is that your pupil changes in size all the time, but the colored part of your contact can't.

    Either way, ask your eye doctor what's available, because you can't buy them without a prescription anyways, right?

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