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Dance question?

i might start to take dance lessons and im thinking about theese 3 choices


2belly dancing

3hip hop

Are they fun? and which one is the easiest? also which one is the funnest? (if funnest is a word lol) thx for answering!


im 13 and my friend said u have to be older to do salsa and belly dancing is that true? And am i too old to just be starting?

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    I have experience in the dance world, competition hip hop and jazz, plus much more! And I'm only 12. For being thirteen and just starting that is actually a perfect age. So don't worry about the age. Except your friend is right most studios don't provide belly dancing classes, or salsa classes for that age. Although hip hop is awesome.

    For easisest I would have to say salsa because the moves are somewhat more basic and not as experimental.

    For funnest (it isn't a word, but it should be.) Hip-hop! Hip -hop is so experimental it is basically just having fun and making it look good.

    Personally I would take belly dancing out because for belly dancing you have to have serious belly muscles. And, from some experience, it is really hard.

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    They would all be hard because learning something new is never easy. But as for the funnest... belly dancing i think. Its full of little tricks and stuff to do with your body... salsa you move around alot and its fun but really hard. And hip hop is fun too... its basically about whatever you like try looking them up.

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    Since you're only 13, hip hop is for you. Don't do the salsa or the belly dancing, they're for the grown-ups. Any kind of dance is fun and exciting. Dancing is also a great way to lose weight if you're fat.

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    I've been dancing on level considering I used to be 2 years ancient, that is 13 years subsequent month. I do not like to bop, I LOVE it past the whole thing else. Dancing for me manner.. to be competent to stroll out on level and come to be anyone else and reside anyone else's existence even only for a second. It's the one means one could real specific feeling. Dancing brings out my favorite aspect to me. It's a depressing, indignant aspect with furtive little emotions and an aching have to think lovely. I realize a constructive difference in my temper after dancing. I customarily think happier due to the fact that via dancing I can unlock all of the poor feeling from me. I had been dancing actually considering earlier than I can don't forget, and I can't suppose my existence with out it. I am a patient of bipolar disease, and I placed my dealing with this close to wholly all the way down to dancing. It has affected my capability to specific so splendidly definitely from being wholly not able to have an understanding of happiness to understanding how one can reap it. Dance allows for the brain to be freer and extra open to the never-ending probabilities all of us listen such a lot approximately. I did just like the survey plenty, thank-you. :)

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    Yes they will be VERY fun.

    Sometimes it takes practice to get a step right, but you drill it until you get it right, with persistance you will win.

    The easiest I find is in this order

    Hip Hop


    Belly Dancing

    I find the funnest is Salsa and also Merenge (there is also versions of Merenge hip hop mixtures of music really fun to dance to)

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    I'm a dancer and I'm 13. I just started taking hip hop this past year, and I had a blast!!! Belly dancing sounds cool too, but I recommend hip hop. I suddenly became popular at my school because I know how to do hip hop - everyone was asking me to teach moves to them LOL!!

    Best wishes in whatever you choose!!

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    They are all fun, but you are 13 so I would say hip hop. They play hip hop at your school dances and you can show your friends your new moves. Also, after you l;earn hip hop the others are a bit easier. Have fun!

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    i do a lot of latino dancing like salsa, tango, samba at my college - i think thats a great one to start - they are a lot of fun and pretty easy to pick up...belly dancing can be cool lookin, but heard its pretty hard (my friend tried starting that)...hip hop - well it looks pretty fly and fun ... but id say salsa

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    the one that will be the most fun is hip hop the hardest would be belly dacne and salsa you would have to work in

    but hip hop takes time and effort so take your time

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    your never too old or young to start dancing any kind of dance, but just for your age group i recommend hip hop i think you would enjoy it the most

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