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ok....soo theres this guy!!!!?

ok so my bf ugh...ok he had anger problems which is scary and he does not like or want me talkin to any of my guy friends and they are startin to hate me and i cant have that but my bf always gets so mad at me i just dont know wat to do im happy but then again im not i like this other guy alot he is so sweet and would treat me sooo good oh what should i do please help me...thanks <3<3

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    First of all, you need to concentrate on your school work and forget the boys because you can't write. Secondly, if you're with someone with an anger problem, you're in danger of being abused. Leave the guy with a problem.

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    Why do you have a BF if you like another guy? Should break it off before looking at other guys.

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    if ur boyfriend doesnt want u to talk to any of ur guy friends than u should leave him...they r ur friends and he shouldnt have a say who they are....and if u like another guy who likes u and wouldnt care...u should go out with him

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