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I want to begin playing hockey...?

i know a few places to play at, they all have pro shops, but i want to know what i will need and have as much information about it ahead of time. most helpfull imformation wil get the best answer! thanks!


i need to know exactly what kind of equipment i will need to purchase to play hockey on a league. thanks!

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    Awesome! It's a great sport.

    First, you'll need equipment. Some pro shops have adult "packages" which run about $200-$300. You shouldn't be spending more than that. Here's what you'll need (in order of how you put them on):

    Athletic support (shorts with velco for socks)

    Knee pads


    Skates (the most expensive item, a good pair goes for around $100-150)*

    Hockey pants

    Shoulder pads (some player skate without them, but I recommend them)

    Elbow pads

    Helmet (with cage!)


    Stick **


    You'll also need a hockey bag to keep everything in.

    * - Skate should feel snug. If they're too loose you'll get blisters. If they're too tight, you'll lose feeling while skating.

    ** - Make sure the stick is cut so that the top is at nose level when NOT wearing your skates. Put tape around the butt end and black tape around the blade.

    Most important about equipment is that it fits correctly and is comfortable. Make sure you air out your equipment everytime after you skate before putting it back in your bag, or it will REALLY smell...

    Now, once you have your equipment, you have two options to skate:

    1) Find a league. Most local rinks have a summer and winter season, with adult leagues. If you're jsut starting, you'll want to play in a 'C' league, which is for beginners.

    2) Pick up hockey. Most rinks have daily pickup where its just a bunch of players who skate around, all of varying skill levels.

    Some rinks also have adult skill practices (at least here in Arizona, where skating on ice is the best way to beat the 117'F heat!!)... If you call you're rink and tell them you're a beginner, they'll be more than happy to help get you on a team...

    Good luck!

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    Mathew's right on with the gear. Don't cheat on your skates. A hockey player lives in his skates.

    As for cost, if you buy all new gear, it will run you at least $600 - $700 easily.

    See what used gear is available. Some people aren't comfortable wearing used gear, no matter how sterilized its been, but its one way to save some money.

    Otherwise, expect to spend some cash.

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    I did the math on this last year because I wanted to join a league too. My cheapest estimate will cost me around $700 CAD.

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