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Long live Chris Benoit's innocents shocking must read evidence of his innocents please answer with respect?

This shocking evidence of WWE superstar Chris Benoit's poosible innocents was just announced today announced on a WWE,TNA,and ECW news spoiler results andrumors website just posted 2 things to to help save Benoit's innocents they announced that wikipledia free encylepledia posted the death of Chris Benoit and his family 14 hours before the police checked the Benoit home, and here's THE SHOCKING PART Chris Benoit's doctor Dr. Phil Astin's office was RIADED fortunitly the doctor was at home when it happened and the really shocking part is that the drugs tooken from the doctor's office was the very same drugs found in benoit's home at the scene of the crime! So the possiblity of Kevin Sulivain or whatever his name was, killed Benoit and his family.THE PROOF IS IN THE PUDDING it was posted on wiki by an "annonumas user"(forgive mispelling),SO CHRIS BENOIT IS NO MURDERER again post answers with respect no CRAP ANSWERS O.K. and the murderer obvisly new what he was doing!

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    The IP address was a computer in Stamford, Conn. Home of WWE. It's blatantly obvious Chris has been set up. Who would do this? Try McMahon. That's where the investigation should go!

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    first off you should learn to spell.

    second, the wikipedia entry was altered by someone with a wwe ip address, which chris had. while the wwe is headquartered in connecticut, the computer that was used to post on wikipedia is not necessarily in connecticut. his wife was killed friday night, his son saturday morning, he had a lot of time to write that in between.

    and thirdly, of course the doctor had the same drugs that chris had, he prescribed them to chris. how you manage to leap to the fact that this doctor somehow and for some reason killed chris and his family is way beyond me. apparently you think that just because they both have the same medication means that chris is innocent. hahahaha, wow is that silly. the reason the doctor was raided was because police wanted to know why he prescribed chris steroids, not because he's a suspect.

    you are obviously a very troubled fan who is having a great deal of difficulty with the idea that the man you cheered for slaughtered his family. however, i would suggest that you get used to that idea, because there is no real evidence to the contrary

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    I hope that benoit is found innocent, but the tv wants to portray the badness of wrestling because they think that it glorifies steroid use, so i doubt that this story will go any farther than it already has, which is really too bad, especially if he didnt do it

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    Kevin Sullivan is Nancy Benoit's EX-HUSBAND.

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    MagicMarker must not have any self esteem - has to run down everyone around him to feel better

    I pity this poor soul - being a virgin and so full of hate for being a loser at the age of 30.

    Get a job son - move out of mommy's basement

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    Vic, put the Kool-Aid down, really, I'm pretty sure Kevin Sullivan got over the entire Benoit stealing his wife thing.

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    i actually read that thing on lords of pain and it only says he missed a show because his wife died nothing about his whole family thing dying and nowhere does it say anything about the drugs being the same drugs.

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    Denial is one of the five stages of grief.

    1. Denial

    2. Anger

    3. Bargaining

    4. Depression

    5. Acceptance

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    Its because Mcmahon knew already, that Benoit was a maniac murderer.

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    That is why I am soooooo against any kind of drugs, whether it be anti depressants, etc. It will make you do crazy things!!!! His doctor should get time too.

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