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are you good at what you do? can other people do it?

im a roofer and im often very high off the ground my father has done it his whole life ive done it sence i was 12 im 19 now the other day i was doing a roof and i had a chat with our customer and he was like damn you went all the way up there? i didnt mean to sound cocky but i didnt see what the big deal was but then i thought diffrent people are good at diffrent things i asked him what he did for a living he was a mechanic i said i wouldnt know the first thing about my car

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    good for you-keepit up.xx

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    I believe that we all have a nack for certain things. For instance, your are awesome at roofing and EB is great at what she does. I work for an aerospace company, and I happen to be good at analyzing terms and conditions as well as developing databases utilizing Microsoft Access. I am a self taught programmer, and have continually impressed those that I work with.

    It is important to know what you're good at and stick to it. A piece of advice, you can always go further than where you are in your profession now. For instance, with some business and program management courses, you could start your own roofing business. Who knows, you could become the next Parsons. (Parsons is a very large construction corporation).

    Keep it up! The most important thing about a career is that it should be something that you love. That way, you'll never get bored, and never regret the path that you have chosen.

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    Yes, I am good at what I do. I'm a web content writer. I know other people could do it, I also know I have a talent for it. I'm told I'm one of the best my company has ever had. You have to have strong editing skills, quick research capabilities and an imagination! I'm not really good at any other job, though. :)

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    Look like you really know what you are doing and you only 19. Consider yourself lucky, specially if like what you doing. Good Luck!

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