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Fellow absinthe drinkers ... any good drink recipes?

A friend of mine brought some absynthe home recently and I'm looking for drink recipes. We tried it the traditional way as well as with champagne.

I know some connoisseurs will balk, but I even mixed it with Monster Energy drink and it tasted great! Any other drink recipes you can recommend would be appreciated!

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    Well I know mixing it with Champagne is called a" Hemingway", but, gee I thought of that a few days ago and thought- "Why ruin expensive Champagne mixing it with that stuff"?

    Don't mix it with anything. Just drink it... Or maybe Tonic or 7up.

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    Don't mix absinthe, thats dumb. Water, poured over a sugar cube thats it. Although you probably don't have real absinthe as it is rather difficult to come by, if its a knock off than it probably tastes like a$$, that is why you are trying to mix it most likely.

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    No No No, please don't do anything but cold pure water and sugar.

    There are lot's and lot's of drinks out there that can be mixed, absinthe is NOT one of them. And for the love of all that is holy do not EVER light absinthe on fire!

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    Monster energy

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